Groupy Love is fun, and taste good when spoken. The root word for the term “groupy’ is “group” and wordplay in regards to artists and creative spaces.

Groupy Love is regenerating what it means to be a “groupie” as an individual who shares space with other individuals with the intent to collaborate and collectively build through exchange of information, services and resources. Groupy Love mutually acknowledges individualism and congregation. Groupy Love recognizes and distinguishes the various aspects that construct harmony.

Groupy Love is compelled to sharing various truths through the lives, lenses and works of others through reportive storytelling.

The traditional definition of a “groupie” is usually a girl who follows boy bands or musicians in hopes of meeting them. The creator of GroupyLove is a woman who follows and supports talented, gifted creators in Chicago. On various attempts to collaborate or simply engage she often been ignored, dismissed or misunderstood for some scheme of superficial attention.

The traditional definition of a groupie is appreciated for the same reason the art of journalism and storytelling is valued.  All messages are conveyed through someone's personal experience.