Sessions with Tandaleria  Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary with Debut Album: Letters From My Diary

Sessions with Tandaleria Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary with Debut Album: Letters From My Diary

Original music and mind-blowing vocals over a live band in a recording studio is what Sessions With Tandaleria is providing for Chicago-based artists to showcase and hone their skills.

As the Sessions team prepares for the first show of the year, Sunday, January 27 at Evanston Rocks, 1012 Church St., Sessions with Tandaleria will be dropping a two-part debut album; “Letters From My Diary”.  To celebrate three years of original music, part one will drop late January/early February while part two will drop sometime in August.


“It’s the songs from the past three years, like I said there’s over 20 something songs so we’re splitting it in two.  Both albums have songs from the past three years and both albums will have songs on them that we’ve never done a session on as well,” said Tandaleria “Tan” Roland singer/songwriter and creator of Sessions With Tandaleria.

Sessions started in January of 2016 when Tan decided she wanted to showcase her skills as a singer/songwriter and was ready to work with other creators in the city.

“So at one point I had a hard time trying to convince people that I am a songwriter and that I am actually good and was worth it.  Since this platform I’ve been able to showcase that. I’ve been able to work with different artists of so many different styles and I’ve been able to show people my diversity in my music.”


Although she said starting was a challenge, Tan is working on a variety of projects with several musicians who have different musical backgrounds ranging from rock, soul, RnB and even country.  She has been working on music for some time. She not only has a BA in Music Composition with a minor in Business, but she also teaches voice lessons to school-aged children at the School of Rock.  As soon as she leaves work she heads straight for the studio to work on Sessions.

Her music selection is just about everything especially since working at the School of Rock.  But while she prefers RnB, she said Mariah Carey is her all time favorite. She goes on to say Tank and the Bangas are some of the newer artists who caught her ear as well as HER.  She grew up listening to Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Chaka Khan and other legends of our time.


She picked these artists because she said they bring out a lot of soul and emotion in their music.

“I try to make music that makes you feel. No matter what the song is I want you to be able to understand it and I tell a lot of stories because I see the songs when I write them.  I don’t know… it may sound weird but in my head the songs are a movie and I’m just writing the soundtrack to the movie in my head. So yea, it’s all about emotion and if it doesn’t make you feel a way then I don’t think I did a good job,” she said.

This upcoming year she plans to do more of everything.  More live sessions, and more new music. The Sessions team will be giving us one video per week which means we will get a single with every video opposed to waiting another three years. They will be doing pop-up shows in various spots, like Soulful Sundays at Reggies Rock Club. She also plans to work with other songwriters and will be adding two more producers to join the team.  

Although she does perform during the showcase, Tan enjoys composition, producing and planning the concerts more.  She said she prefers to be behind the scenes and because of it she has notice her growth and development. She just recently performed at a wedding and has also performed with Harold Green in the passed.


She said, “It’s opened a lot of doors for the team. The band members as a whole have been featured on different tv shows working with different artists so yea its helped us out a lot. I think that I’ve always believed that people should work together if we all have a common goal of a certain type of success.”

Be sure to stay tuned, make sure you follow Sessions with Tandaleria and be sure to purchase your tickets soon!


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