Self-Love Just Because

Self-Love Just Because

A room full of beautiful black women who are growing, learning and practicing self-love together is a time to be alive.  It’s the first month of the year and January is Mental Health Awareness month so Jalisa Coleman thought it would be a good idea to host a self-love brunch for her friends and more.

The You are Lovely: Self-Love Appreciation Brunch, obviously included breakfast and lunch, mimosas and cocktails provided by Seek and Sip along with a panel discussion centered around self-love.


Coleman said she has known many of the women in attendance and even admires the women she chose for the panel.  They all spoke on how they have been healing through troubled times and trauma as a result of celebrating themselves.  

Coleman said she is in a point in her life where she wants to dig deeper into her self-love journey by talking to those who embody those qualities to her.  Her panel was full of beautiful, talented and powerful women, with such moving stories to tell.

Jalisa Coleman

Jalisa Coleman

“I want to learn how to love myself properly.  I feel like those examples are really important and that’s what really made me want to do it. There’s no business behind it or anything I literally just knew there are people like me who need to talk to other people that (self-love) comes so naturally to and learn what they went through to get them to that point so that’s really what it was.”

Aside from Coleman holding space for women to discuss growth and learn with and from one another, she holds space specifically for mothers (and mothers-to-be) in Chicago on a regular. MomminChicago is a non-profit associated with all things motherly in the city.  She mentioned her birthday is on Mother’s Day and it hoping to do something to celebrate motherhood.

Enjoy some Black Girl Joy and be sure to follow and connect with these ladies. Peace.

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