Shop the Thrifty Fashionista Fashion Mobile Boutique

Shop the Thrifty Fashionista Fashion Mobile Boutique

After trying on several items and finally purchasing a black and gold bodysuit with the complete back out, Groupylove was able to catch up with the owner of Shop the Thrifty Fashionista Mobile Boutique.

The Thrifty Fashionista Mobile Boutique is a high-end fashion resale truck featuring some cute summer pieces and a variety of handbags, shoes, jewelry and other accessories.

Jocelyn Slaughter who co-owns the boutique with her mother said they started back in 2016.  Born and raised in Chicago, Slaughter said she not only studied fashion but was raised to a very fashion-forward group of divas in her family.  She said while her mother and aunts were always into the latest fashion trends growing up, her grandmother was a seamstress.


“My grandmother was a seamstress so it was definitely passed down… [my mother] is a great interior designer so when we got the truck she worked very closely with the person to get the build out and telling them what we wanted,” said Slaughter.

Slaughter and her mother opened the mobile boutique together once they decided to close their first store, Jordan’s Closet.  

“We actually had a brick and mortar store in Bronzeville called Jordan’s Closet; that’s how we started and it was a children’s resale store.  We were open for about 5 years and we closed to take a break because entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart and it will wear you out,” said Slaughter.


Slaughter said she wanted to do something different and was inspired by a few mobile businesses she learned about from a podcast called, “Can I Park Here?”  She said she enjoys the boutique but one of the biggest challenges she came up against was getting a license from the city.

“Right now Chicago bases the decisions they make in terms of mobile businesses off of the food truck.  They look at it as similar but it’s actually very different. The only similarity is that they’re both trucks. If I’m buying something from a food truck then I buy my food and I go so as a food truck vendors however many orders I can fulfill at that time is how I generate my business… “ 


“… for us, especially women they come on and look and shop we have a fitting room and we talk and we try on clothes so the time frame that they have us on like the food truck doesn’t work for this business. Just like a retail business and a restaurant is not the same thing. And we’re not the same thing because we’re in a truck.”

Aside from solidifying an agreement with the city, Slaughter said she has received a positive response from the public.


“A lot of people are like, ‘great a mobile upscale boutique,’ and then you have a lot of people that you still have to explain the concept of resale to.  That it’s not just an old resale store so I love what I do and I don’t mind making those explanations and telling people why it is beneficial and showing people that we do have great fashion forward products like any other store,” said Slaughter.

She said they travel all throughout the city and Groupylove has them several times in Hyde Park. So when you see them make sure you check them out.


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